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9.86 151 501

Metal Music Coin is a crypto currency based on scrypt algorithm.
We created this coin to support the underground metal music scene and to support underground metal bands.
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2 TheVig
10.00 117 422

Crypto Currency for Collectors
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3 EBTcoin
10.00 96 420

Welcome to the FUTURE of Electronic Benefit Transfer! EBT Coin!
Scrypt PoW/PoS (30 days)
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4 hotcoin
9.67 85 3219

Hotcoin based on litecoin. Total 29000000 HOT.
Low difficulty, cpu / gpu both can mining, But accepts only one block in two minutes.
3 Exchanges.
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5 MöbiusCoin
10.00 30 177

The MöbiusCoin or (MOBI) is an open source peer to peer Crypto currency that is designed for miners, collectors and investors. SHA-256 Algorithm - 21 Million Coins Total - 50 Coins Per Block - Block h
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6 Litecoin Black
NR 26 16

Litecoin Black Official Website - LTCB

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7 Fckbanks
10.00 20 480

Fckbanks is scrypt based cryptocurrency with 'Kimoto's Grawity Well' implemented and a Movement against current banking system and against all the things that are fck'd up in this world.
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8 Proft Hunters Coin | PoW/PoS | Masternodes | Dynam
NR 12 13

PHC is a cryptocurrency to be used for affiliate opportunities and online marketing. We're also working on a standardized decentralized exchange protocol to allow P2P exchanges between web, desktop c
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9 Doge Mining Pool
NR 6 0
Check out the Doge Mining Pool! Mine Doge, LTC, Bitcoin Cash and soon Digibyte. Featuring only 0.5% fees. Come join the pool and let's mine some Doge! Comments
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10 PI 3.14159265 We are the Futures Market Index
10.00 6 484

About PI coin:
PI is the most important altcoin of 2014. PI is the first and only futures crypto.
PI coin is revolutionary. PI uses an axiom formula to index the 30-day altcoin futures market.
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10.00 3 389
Magic Internet Money is a true virtual currency that allows its users to securely transfer funds over the internet with out the hassle of a third party. One unit of Magic Internet Money is denominated Comments
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12 EmotiCoin
10.00 2 219
EmotiCoin (EMO) cryptocurrency Comments
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13 DNotes
9.75 1 577

CryptoCurrency of the Future.
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14 stalwartbucks
NR 1 203
Stalwartbucks is based on Litecoin. The total coins of SBX is 100 Billion BSBX. It has the same amount of Dogecoin.
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15 fatecoin
NR 1 493 Comments
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16 Dopecoin
10.00 1 57
DopeCoin is a decentralized, digital currency and payment system similar to Bitcoin.
Our mission is to provide marijuana enthusiasts with a modern and secure way of doing business for the 21’st centur
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17 Tweakcoin
NR 0 20
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10.00 0 32
anonymous transactions
passive income
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